Sustainability Overview

The home appliance industry has been long committed to leading in environmental initiatives. Those initiatives include, for example, voluntary partnerships to support sensible appliance recycling programs and refrigerant and foam management at end-of-life. In this report, we share these and other activities the industry has supported that have helped manufacturers to develop more energy-efficient appliances, reduce climate change effects, and offer consumers innovative products that meet objective and third-party recognized sustainability standards. Collectively, these commitments help to ensure reciprocal trade of home appliance products that further environmental conservation principles across the U.S. and Canada. To that end, AHAM members strive to create products in a manner that gives due consideration to the environment and social responsibility and that promotes sustainable living.

In this first Home Appliance Industry Sustainability Report, AHAM celebrates the significant progress made by its members to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint while maintaining excellent product performance and continuing to invest and innovate. This highlights report focuses on industry achievements since 1990, which is a common baseline year for global agreements to track and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The report focuses on the appliance industry in the United States and Canada. AHAM is a data-driven organization, and this document demonstrates where the industry is at present and regarding future opportunities. AHAM collected the data presented here through a voluntary member survey and the results are arranged as follows: Climate Change, Facilities Management, and the Circular Economy. The responses represent over 85% of the major appliance marketplace as well as a number of small appliance manufacturers.

AHAM VISION STATEMENT ON SUSTAINABILITY A sustainable future with a vibrant U.S.-Canada marketplace is necessary for AHAM to advance its goals on behalf of the public and its members. To that end, the home appliance industry aims to create products in a manner that is environmentally sound, socially responsible, and economically viable.